Hello:Ansuya Solanki | Retreat Host

Ansuya Solanki Vale de Moses Host.jpg

The lovely Ansuya makes a part of our friendly and hard working host team at Vale de Moses. She will be joining us throughout the season to make sure our guests feel looked after whilst on retreat at Vale de Moses.

Read a little bit about Ansuya’s journey:

My journey with yoga was instigated by the desire to gain control of severe chronic pain that had impacted the bulk of my life. Time on my mat allowed me to make peace with my body and gave me space to reconnect and restore a sense of balance. And, I quickly realised that was just the start of what my practice would offer me. 

This led me to visit Vale de Moses for the first time, as a guest, in 2017, at a time in my life when Yoga was fast becoming an integral aspect of my life. Coupled with feeling increasingly disillusioned and disheartened by my current lifestyle and profession, I came, as many do, to retreat, nourish and reflect. What I found at Vale de Moses was the clarity and conviction to redirect my life, leaving behind the world of fashion and marketing to travel to India to immerse myself in yoga and discover a more compassionate and sustainable way of life. 

What started as months, became years and with it an insatiable desire that led me from training to training, to continually discover and grow as a yoga practitioner, teacher and Ayurvedic therapist. 

Each summer, I return to Vale de Moses, at first as a Karma Yoga Volunteer and now as a host, to hold space for others to journey inwards and find the same healing and nourishment through yoga. Supporting everyone that visits the retreat to truly utilise the fantastic opportunities that this space offers to connect; be it with yourself, each other or the beauty of surrounding nature. 

I am true believer in all aspects of Yoga, extending well beyond the mat, and as host, I aim to bring these aspects into the daily rituals of Vale de Moses. Providing a safe and encouraging space to explore, deepen and truly enjoy your practice.