Hello: Péter Frák | Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist & Energetic Healing

Fleur van Hille

Peter joins us here at Vale de Moses throughout the season to offer guests beautifully restorative and healing aromatherapy massage sessions. Come and meet his warm and friendly soul and try out one of his soothing massages at the same time!

A few words from our lovely Péter Frák about his journey:

I was born in Hungary and began my professional career in the fashion industry, via Glamour Hungary, working as the head booker for Hungary’s leading modelling agency, Attractive. Through my good vision during my tenure there, I became entrusted with diverse responsibilities, ranging from controlling teams to monitoring art direction and eventually expanding into work as a fashion stylist and editor myself.

However, after 7 years in the fashion industry, I could no longer resist what would turn out to be my true calling. Different forms of healing and spirituality had always been a part of my path, even during those years in fashion. Then in 2017 I discovered and fell in love with aromatherapy – my ultimate path and passion for this life. Through my professional training as well as travels, research, studies, and healing around Asia and Europe, I’ve delved fully into this passion and created my own techniques.

Today I am known for my sensitivity and healing hands. My deep interest in alternative medicine and ancient healing therapies expands with each day. My practices and studies pull from a vast array of disciplines, including aromatherapy, massage therapy, gong bath sound healing, chakra balancing, Vipassana meditation, astrology, yoga, Reiki energy healing, and Ayurveda.

With this background and foundation, my ultimate goal in life moving forward is to one day open centers aimed at helping and healing people through my own devised techniques that are rooted in the above disciplines.

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