Hello: Brandon Oouah | Massage Therapist

Fleur van Hille

About Brandon, Vale de Moses Massage Therapist

Having lived in many cities around the world, Brandon feels unattached to any one specific place, yet loves them all. Making a move from Seattle in 2012, Brandon started on his most adventurous journey yet, taking him all around Asia. After a year wandering and a 3 month hike around the Nepalese mountains, he really went for it and bought an old motorcycle and proceeded to ride solo out of Nepal and into Northern India.

Over the last seven years, India has become his main home base where he practices mind body healing through meditation and massage. He says, "this life style fits well with these practices, as my life is being in a natural flow, so whatever I am doing is the only place I am. This is good for meditation and massage. One should be fully present and wholeheartedly content with where one is at the moment."

His technique is about opening the soul to explore new sensations through breath, touch and movement. Inviting the receiver into a safe space for releasing tension, Brandon focuses on the energy and needs of each person that he meets."Everyone is different. Body, mind, life style.

Seeing, listening, and then feeling the body to move the blockages and tension, is necessary to go deep with each individual."

He's a lover of running, cycling, hiking and generally anything out in nature. You can find him most of the year barefoot and a sarong with his beard blowing in the wind.

When he's not living in North or south India, he calls Portugal home. The quaint cafes, local food, warm people of Oliveira de Santa Maria and Vale de Moses, are so lovely and peaceful, providing a nice balance to the raw wildness of India.

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