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Fleur van Hille

About Fleur

My yoga journey started in 2009 by diving straight into yoga teacher training in India. Although I had never practiced yoga before, everything within me said: go to India and do this training!

I loved the philosophy and the practices from the first class and I was amazed by the calming effect it had on my mind. This inspired me to pursue a new path. I continued with intensive yoga training in Amsterdam and New York and I quit professional dancing to share my enthusiasm as a yoga teacher.

In 2013 I taught my first yoga retreat at Vale de Moses. To me the combination of yoga and nature is beautifully complimentary and to go on a week long journey together with people from all around the world is a powerful experience.

I have gradually been spending more and more time in nature and less in my hometown of Amsterdam. And I now have joined a nature conservation project on a tiny island in Malaysia, where yoga and permaculture principles lead the way.

My classes are designed to guide you through vinyasa yoga classes in a gentle, yet invigorating way. You’ll move through asanas like a dance, accompanied by music.

What to expect from Flow classes with Fleur

Flow With Fleur is a perfect class for people new to yoga or those who have been practicing for a long time Fleur is very considerate of the needs of her students and differentiates for all levels. It is a safe environment where you feel challenged to try new things. Fleur will demonstrate each asana and clearly describe the pose before gently adjusting and encouraging practitioners throughout the class.

Morning sessions

The morning classes begin by taking a moment to ‘arrive’ and to tune in. This can be by simply sitting still and centering our awareness in our bodies or by practicing a breathing exercise.

To further tune in we chant AUM together while Fleur plays the harmonium (Indian organ). The vibrations of the music beautifully resonate with the AUM sound we make ourselves and is reassuring for the shy practitioner! At other times in the class the music varies from traditional Indian to contemporary music.

We then warm-up our bodies and flow through a series of postures to a steady rhythm, which helps us to settle into the session.

After the flowing sequences, Fleur will often select a posture that is practiced with the support of the wall or a fellow practitioner, so that you are able to move deeper into the posture.

We then either take time to slow down with seated postures or keep the energy up with back bends and heart openers.

After this, some may prefer to rest in a reclining position, while others move into an inversion.

We end in unity again, by laying still in shavasana. We conclude the practice by chanting AUM once more.

Afternoon sessions

In the afternoon sessions the pace chances and Fleur shares other aspects of yoga.

Afternoon classes include restorative and yin yoga, yoga nidra, guided meditation and breathing exercises, as well as singing mantras together.

This retreat helps you to deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and its origins. By sharing teachings from old scriptures, Hindu mythology and contemporary spiritual teachers, Fleur invites you to explore what yoga means to you in your daily life.


Photos: Marie Page, The Digiterati

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