Kind words about Fleur’s teaching

Kind words about Fleur van Hille

“Fleur led our yoga sessions at Vale de Moses and was easily able to include everyone in the routines regardless of their yoga experience. She demonstrated ways to adapt the poses for different abilities allowing us to fully interact with the session.”

Steve Fox, June 2019

“Fleur changed the way I conceptually focused my body and mind in the yoga practice. I spent a week with her at the stunning Vale de Moses and felt truly inspired in both mind and body after her delicate and invigorating guide through a week of vinyasa flow. I arrived, ashamed and fighting an injury, at having over stretched myself after years of Bikram and other sports style yoga and because of Fleur I was able to abandon my ego to the true meaning of yoga through attention of body, breath and mind. She showed me careful ways I could still engage in a dynamic practice and I found that by the end of the week, despite an injury I was stronger than ever. Merci fleur :)”

Rose Romain, UK/France, August 2018


“Fleur is an inspirational and encouraging yoga teacher and very considerate of the needs of her students. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she made everyone feel at home with their own practice. Her instructions were clear and she pitched her classes to suit the mood of her students. She is enthusiastic teacher with wonderful energy and her love of yoga is clear.”

Kwok, London, July 2015


“Fleur loves teaching and loves yoga. Words that come to mind when I think of her are passionate, knowledgeable, organised, positive, fun, joyful, friendly, contemporary, grounded and beautiful inside and out. Fleur checks all the “outstanding” teacher boxes because she: has strong philosophy which she deeply believes in, can differentiate for every level of practice, builds trust and confidence, connects with you personally, helps you strengthen and hone your skills, provides a safe environment where you feel challenged to try new things, connects your practice to real life experience, and is an agent for change. With Fleur you experience the most grounded, joyful and meaningful practice ever.”

Carol, New Zealand, July 2015


“I'm new to yoga, and was apprehensive that the week could cater for me and more advanced students at the same time, but I'm so glad I went. Fleur was so welcoming, warm and kind, she put everyone at ease right away. Her adjustments and way of explaining the asanas made so much sense, and helped me stop struggling to 'achieve' a pose, and just experience it.

The mantras and chanting were something I thought I would find awkward, but I ended up enjoying them and singing my heart out! Throughout it all, Fleur was a ray of positivity, making us laugh, inviting us to try new things in a supported manner, making everything so joyful and practising feel like the most natural thing in the world.

And more than that, I felt a glimpse of understanding as to what yoga is about as a life practice. It's one thing to read about it, but to have Fleur explaining it gently and simply while you lie in Savasana was a wonderful experience.”

Claire Fitzgerald, August 2018


“Fleur's style of yoga is aptly described with the word flow. In each class I took I found I could push myself to develop without feeling any pressure to achieve something. Every class was a lesson in learning to simply enjoy the flow of postures. There were plenty of technical pointers when necessary but each class was all about enjoying yoga. It’s really nice to realise the more you enjoy your yoga the better your yoga becomes. Fantastic experience!”  

Jeremy, Ireland, 2013 

The photos above show Fleur teaching and demonstrating head stand.