Hello: Emanuel (Manu) Fernandes | Massage Therapist

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About Manu, therapist and body worker

Emanuel Fernandes (known as Manu) is a highly experienced and qualified Portuguese therapist, body worker and Yoga teacher.

He offers individual sessions in a private studio in the south of Portugal and collaborates in the organisation of International healing retreats in the area and around.

His healing journey started through the practice of Yoga, opening new perspectives of living and being.

In 2005 he had the opportunity to meet Swami Joytimayananda from Sri Lanka, an Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga Master that touched his heart and mind with a healing that he could feel and above all understand. He traveled to Italy to live and study Ayurveda with this master in his Ashram. In this place he learned ways to attain balance through balanced nutrition, massage, herbs and minerals, Ayurvedic practices, yoga and presence.

Between 2008 and 2012 Manu traveled in Asia and learned healing techniques that greatly impact the work he offers now. In the body work his approach combines different techniques such as deep tissue, yoga therapy, Thai massage and Marma massage according to the body type and intention.

Manu studied and practices some aquatic therapy techniques and sound healing to reach other subtle and deeper levels.

He loves to use touch, movement, energy, and loving intention, holding the space so the healing can manifest naturally.

The massage therapy Manu shares at Vale de Moses includes:

  • Ayurvedic massage according to the personal constitution

  • Deep tissue and trigger points

  • Thai massage

  • Marma massage (diagnose and treatment through the energetic points)

  • Muri abyangam (adjustments and movements to unblock the articulations)

  • Yukti massage (fusion of the above techniques)

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