Hello: Vitor Gomes | Grounds Manager

Fleur van Hille

Vitor makes part of our local Portuguese team who work with us all year round keeping Vale de Moses looking beautiful and running smoothly during retreat season.

Get to know a little more about our Vitor Gomes:

Born and raised in this beautiful part of Portugal, Vitor spent most of his early life growing up locally in the nearby town of Oleiros until the age of 14 when he moved with his family to Albufeira in the Algarve. Whilst living and working in the Algarve he built the foundations for his vast practical knowledge by training as a plumber and went on to spend many years working between Portugal and Paris. However after years spent working in busy cities and travelling back and forth, Vitor then returned as an adult back to his roots craving a calmer and more peaceful way of life in these tranquil forests.

Thanks to his deep knowledge and understanding of all things practical, the local community and the nature that Vale de Moses resides in, he tirelessly helps us year-round to keep everything running smoothly. He is extremely passionate about the Portuguese way of life and the nature of interior Portugal and will happily share these passions with you. Vitor has also recently completed a local Sailor training and is now fully qualified to safely drive boats around the wild rivers that surround us so watch this space for exciting boat trips coming in the near future!