Hello: Suzanne Post | Retreat Host

Fleur van Hille

The super lovely Suzanne joins our team during the season as one of Vale de Moses’ retreat hosts. She loves to takes good care of the people around her and with her warm, friendly nature she makes a wonderful part of the team.

Find out more from our delightful Suzanne:

I am Suzanne and I am extremely excited to make a part of the Vale de Moses team, I will be working as the retreat host at Vale de Moses. I look forward to helping take care of you during your stay, making sure that you feel welcomed, loved, seen and heard whilst on retreat.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and here I first began my studies in a therapeutic framework by training to become a Physiotherapist at the Avans Univeristy in Breda. It is through this intensive training I developed a strong base understanding and passion in the human body, how it works and the ways in which we can take good care of it. From this training in Physiotherapy as my base I am now looking to deepen my knowledge and explore other ways which enable me to combine this training with my love of yoga, meditation and expanding awareness.

I love learning how to understand all there is about the human body and my passion for yoga ignited a few years ago, opening up a whole new world for me. Following this path has really helped to me to delve deep into self-exploration and discover all different ideas of what is important to me; I wanted to live a life in love and a life that I love. These dreams and thoughts about what life could be like are what initially lead me to Vale de Moses where I started my experience here as a volunteer, and after that I never wanted to leave again. I am sure many who come to stay will feel the same and I can’t wait to meet all the guests that come to visit us here in these magical valleys.

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