Forest Bathing



Forest Bathing

Immerse yourself within the restorative and healing pine forests of central Portugal. The emerging science of ‘forestbathing’ has shown that being around trees can heal us. Phytoncides are one of many curative substances pine trees freely give to the air we breathe here. Recharge with us in the forest by simply breathing in this curative air.

Walking and Hiking

Vale de Moses is surrounded by many beautiful tree covered avenues and pathways that will lead you on sensory hikes through the rolling hills and valleys covered in wild flowers. Make precious time to absorb yourself in nature and hike through these beautiful pine covered surroundings.


Wild Swimming

Submersed in the foothills of the Serra de Estrela, Vale de Moses finds itself surrounded with the natural water sources that traverse this beautiful landscape. Take time for yourself to swim and play in the refreshing rivers and streams that flow through these valleys.

Relax in Nature

Explore Vale de Moses and you will find many gorgeous little hiding spots dotted all over the landscape. There are plenty of hammocks, benches, deck chairs and secret places where you can sit, relax, read, write or even take a little nap among the nature.