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The centre of Portugal isn’t as well known as other parts of Portugal. Oleiros is far off the international tourist routes and as such is still undiscovered. It is quiet, humble and beautiful in its remoteness. The isolated nature of the mountain communities here means the culture is one of self-sufficiency for food, water and shelter, together with a reliance on the help and support of neighbours. Hundreds of thousands of Portuguese have left these gorgeous valleys over the last 40 years in search of work in the cities, on the coast or abroad, so a project like ours is bringing vibrant life and employment to those who have chosen to stay. And helping to put Oleiros on the global map of well-being tourist destinations. Our neighbours and local community are 100% behind us and you will be welcomed with open hearts and doors on your walks around.


It has been a treasured adventure since we arrived in 2007, learning sustainability from our neighbours’ old and well-practiced way of life. How to build homes by hand with natural materials on site. How to enrich soil and tend to the plants and trees we have planted so we can grow our own food, olive oil and wine in this particular landscape and climate. How to be kind, generous and supportive to each other as a matter of survival. We have learnt so much and continue to do so. Above all, how to invest in the land and nurture the forest so future generations can benefit from nature's abundance. Fruit trees our great grand children will eat from. We can’t do much to solve the planet's current crisis, but with our community’s help, we are together looking after this little valley as sustainably and as nourishingly as we can.

We have found sustainability to also be about how well we care for ourselves and those around us. Caring for the body in the delicious somatic practice of yoga and in restorative healing massage and energy treatments. Meditation walks that calm the nervous system as we sensuously connect with the life of the forest and with the rich intimacy of being in our own presence. Nourishing food to enliven the body and excite the senses. Herbal teas and tinctures to boost. We are practicing all of these things, learning from our Portuguese neighbours and staff, and our international guests as we go. You will be most welcome to join us.



Perhaps you might like to head straight for the country after flying into Portugal, spending a day or 2 either side of your retreat here in Oleiros to explore the wider area. There are a few lovely places to consider.  Vilar dos Condes in nearby Madeirã, the Campismo next to the Praia Fluvial, a stone cottage called Casa do Dão, the Santa Margarida 4 star hotel, or the Refúgios do Pinhal guest house . Each offers a special price for our guests, so mention us when you contact them.  If you are staying 2 weeks or more on retreat at Vale de Moses, we will check you into one of these places for the Saturday in between your retreats and pick you up on Sunday afternoon. 

Check out the video in this link posted by the local tourism board, showcasing the incredible nature around Oleiros and what stunning sights to expect when you come to stay.