Nourish by Katherine Smith

Nourish by Katherine Smith


Healing meals from Vale de Moses (recipe e-book PDF version)

This recipe collection was lovingly collated by Katherine Smith and beautifully designed by Toby Leetham with three things in mind; nourishment, vitality and satisfaction. Inside the 93 pages are some of the most celebrated meals at Vale de Moses that have had the biggest WOW factor and have consistently made the hungry, happy.

We know that food is life. Without it, we simply would not survive. Food has the healing potential for us to thrive when we eat nourishing, nurturing meals that feed our bellies, hearts and minds.

Katherine has compiled delicious dishes that compliment each other and make it easier for you to prepare whole meals for yourself, your friends and family. Vonetta has written a Foreword thanking many of our friends and family and a host of other cook books that have inspired these recipes.  There's also a really useful Resource section at the back for those wanting to find out a little more about the Ayurvedic principles behind many of the dishes.

Note: In Paperback / Hardback for this Christmas. Prices to be confirmed.

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