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Hello: Sara Rooney | Medical Herbalist

Sara is a qualified and experienced Medical herbalist BSc (Hons) Ba (Hons), passionate about integrated health and utilizing botanical medicine to address illness and re-establish the body’s natural balance. Sara’s integrative approach tries to identify the root cause of an illness, using herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle therapeutics to restore the body’s vitality.

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Hello: Emilie de la Chapelle | Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

Emilie de la Chapelle is a movement enthusiast and bodywork therapist born in Finland. One particularly cold winter Emilie found herself in a small town on the East coast of Canada and her salvation became a hot yoga studio. Hot yoga lead her to Vinyasa/Hatha and eventually a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, with many more to follow (RYT 500hr).

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Hello: Péter Frák | Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist & Energetic Healing

Today I am known for my sensitivity and healing hands. My deep interest in alternative medicine and ancient healing therapies expands with each day. My practices and studies pull from a vast array of disciplines, including aromatherapy, massage therapy, gong bath sound healing, chakra balancing, Vipassana meditation, astrology, yoga, Reiki energy healing, and Ayurveda.

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