Intuitive oil massage


This full body oil massage is performed on a table or the floor, stimulating muscle tissue to relax and lengthen shortened or tightened muscle fibres.

Depending on the therapist you may experience a variety of techniques inspired by Ayurveda, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy massage to offer a holistic treatment specific to your unique bodily aches and pains. The majority of our therapists are multi-disciplinary and call on techniques suitable for you and your body.

At the beginning of each treatment you will be able to talk with the therapist about your specific needs. The depth of touch is your choice whether gentle and relaxing or firm and energising.

Our oil massages use soothing organic oils that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, pampered and nourished. It’s the perfect antidote to releasing muscular pain, stiffness and soreness, as well as detoxifying the body and improving circulation.

Enjoying a Vale de Moses massage is complementary to the daily yoga practice you will be experiencing each day and forms part of the journey of relaxation during your retreat.

Every treatment is tailored to the individual's unique needs.